Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is Ruby before we headed down to Aurora Staduim for the New Years Eve Celebrations, I think she was keying up where to meet her friends. LOL

Gee Nathan looks impressed, we did have a really good night. The night had a great family feel and the girls had a ball. Issi found a little friend from school and they danced the night away, well until 10:00pm anyway.

The Family Shot !

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Last night we ventured down to the CountDown 2009 at Aurora Staduim. It was really great, the only thing that would have made for a better nice was better weather. Summer has still not really blessed us in Tasmania.
Issi loved the fireworks, she asked me when we arrived if we were going to stay for when all the Colour poured into the sky. There was a great band and Issi saw a little friend from school and they danced the night away, well until 10:00pm anyway.

My attempt to take photo's of the fireworks, as you can see this is not my forte.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friends !!

One thing I love about Christmas is that a few of our beautiful friends that now live on the mainland come home for a visit. I can not believe how quickly these little girls are growing up. They don't get to see each other that often now but have a lovely time together when they do.

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Catching up

This little monkey is getting cheekier by the minute, she is a very cute age at the moment but.
The next two shoots are of Issi on her last day as a kinder girl, I was actually quite teary at her little break up assembly on the last afternoon of school. She just looked so grown up and independant.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Shots

I love this photo of Ruby, it reminds me of a very cute face she pulls when she wants a bottle.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

A pleasant Afternoon !!

Issi and I went up to the Cataract Gorge this afternoon for her Dancing BBQ breakup. As we were leaving Issi wanted me to take some photo's of her. I think her cousin may have been teaching her some posers. I can't believe how old she looks in these shots.
We are having some family shots taken tomorrow with one of the Ladies from Church, I am still keen to get you to take some Chels. Maybe we will make a trip down in the New Year.

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A cheeky Ruby !

Saturday morning Nathan took Isabella with him to Aikido so Ruby and I had a very layed back morning. She folund this little bib Mum had made her last Christmas and did not want to take it off. She also found some of my beads. She is a lot of fun at the moment such a lovely age.

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It's finally up !!!

It has taken my a little while to get into the whole Christmas thing this year. The tree did not go up until this week, normally I am hanging out to put it up on the 1st Dec. I was dreading spending all day moving Rub's away from the tree. She far she has been pretty good. I even put some prezzies under there today and she has not yet touched them either.
Some of my Santa collection.
My beautiful Chritmas quilt my clever sister made me a few years ago.
And Isabella's Christmas Beanie Kid collection, I think clever santa has managed to find the new beanie kids released for this year also. Oh his a clever boy.LOL
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alex's Surprise Party

On Saturday Issi and Ruby wanted to throw a surprise party for Alex's Birthday.

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