Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Pop !

As you can see I have mastered how to blog photo's from Picasa and it is so much easier than how I was doing it. This is thanks to one of the girls is my craft group that told me how to do this, so thank you Jennifer. xx

My Poppy

This photo was taken only a couple of months before I left to join the Navy.

This was Pop as we knew him best, stubbie in the hand, unfortunatley as he got sick he stopped enjoying a drink.
He passed away in April 2004 of Dementia and Alzimers(spelling). It was quite sad to watch as it was an
illness that took 20 years to return him to a child.
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Ruby's Dedication Pic's finally !

Nathan, Ruby and John. John is one of Nathan's oldest and dearest mates, they went to kinder together.
He was the bestman in our wedding and he is also Ruby's God father along my my sister Cathy (aka The Highland Quilter)
and Andrew ( aka The Highland Drumer).

The family with Nathan's Mum and Dad, Nate is an only child so this is it for his family.
Ruby and her Poppies, I love this photo and I hope that Ruby will cherish it as she gets older.
My Pop Hardwick was one of the most dearest people in my life and I have so many found memories of him.
He had a huge input into my life also as Mum and Dad separated when I was 10.

My Beautiful girls, Sisters. I remember feeling quite funny when we found out we were having another girl
but to see the bond these little girls have already is just beautiful. I am also extremley blessed to have a
beautiful sister.

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Where has my baby gone ??

I was having a bit of a play around with Picasa today and found this picture of "Ruby"
oh how the last twelve months have flown, where is my little baby. I am still trying to
master how you blog your photo's straight from Picasa to your blog.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Week !

Well my working week is over, it is such a nice feeling on wednesday night to know I have finished work for the week.
I have been pretty good on the eating stakes this week, was a bit off last night as I was tied but good except. I am going to have physio today as I have hurt my heal somehow. Tryed to go for a run last night and my body was telling me it really was not a good idea. Would have loved to go to pump this morning but Ruby is really not up to the creche.
I have been trying to load some photo's of Ruby's dedication but not having much luck, will keep trying.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No more mucking around !!

Well tonight I have made a promise to myself that I have to finish the job I started. Last April after Ruby was born I went back to Weight watchers with the resolve to loss all my baby weight this time and not settle until I had.
Well I feel like I have settled a little the last couple of months and I really have 10kgs to go, I know I have lost 18kgs but don't want to just settle for that.
I put on alot of weight with both my girls, 38kgs with Issi and about 24kgs with Ruby. Was much more focused with Ruby and walked to work nearly everyday. I think some people just put it on. Until I had the girls I had never been over weight so it is something that does get me down a little. I think mainly because I love my exercise and it is affected by the fact that I am still 10kg over weight. I know my running would be much more enjoyable and it would be better on my joints.
Our next race is on July 20th being the Launceston ten. Flat run so am hoping for a good first 10km time. Tiff and I are running together twice a week and I am going to run by myself one other time. So here is to me and my last 10kms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patches visit to our House.

Patch is a puppy that Isabella's class has as a pet. Patch takes it in turns to go home with a different child and spend the night.
Issi took patch to Mcdonalds to have a play on the equipment.

My Photo's

Looking very serious and cold before the race.
Finishing the Race !! My Cousin and running partner at the finish of the 8km.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tagged !!

I was tagged awhile ago by Allison so as I have done this once before I thought I would do 6 funny, silly things about my Darling Issi :

1. She hates Tags on her knickers and makes me cut them off.

2. When you cook her toast she gets very upset if it goes brown, has not quite got the drift off cooking it.

3. She is often found comforting Ruby say" It's ok Ruba, sissy is here" very cute and two seconds later giving her a push.

4. She thought her school last year was called Scotch Oaken Burn instead of Scotch Oakburn, it sounded so cute.

5. She has had trouble saying her C' so my sister has been ; Aunty Taffy in the Titchen.

6. She loves sleeping with a pile of books, I am sure a teddy would be much more comfy.

All in all we love her very much and she brightens up our day with her quirky little self xxxx We love you Issi Bissi xxxx

Mothers Day Weekend !

Well I worked on saturday this weekend and then we headed to Hobart for the night. We stayed at the Quest Trinity for the night which was really good and in a great location for the Mothers Day Classic the next day. We took the girls to North Hobart for dinner and they both behave themselves, apart from the fact that Ruby thought it was a great joke to throw every chip we gave her on the floor in the resturant. We went to the supermarket on the way home and bought Crunchie icecreams for desert, had the girls home in bed by 6:30pm.
They shared a room so thought that was lots of fun, giggles and chatting went on for a little while, Issi crashed out before Ruby.
On Sunday morning I was up and ready to go by 6:30am a bit nervous and also excited. I had not ran in a race since having Issi.
I got up to the track at about 7:30am, it was still pretty cold then and foggy. My run was not until 9:00am so had a bit of waiting aropund to do.
Well I completed my 4km in 22:19mins, I know this is not an Olympic time but as I said this is my first race. It was also a very hilly course. I was happy with that. It felt alot harder than the 4kms I have been doing in training and I think nerves had somthing to do with that. I will post my pic's soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Got my Laptop Back !!!

Our Vegies from the garden !! Nate very proud of them, as he should be.
Well I have been a little MIA lately as my laptop was at the computer doctor. I can always get on the computer downstairs but it is cold down there and not as easy to load photo's.

We have been pretty busy also the last couple of weeks. Another Anzac day has been and gone, I always find this quite a hard day. Missed feelings I think, memories of fun times and then hurt of it all coming to such a sudden end with no real support networks on discharge. For those of you I have only just meet I spent 6 years in the Navy, discharging in 2002.

On Anzac day evening Nathan and I also drove to Hobart to celebrate our friend Alex's surprise 3oth. We had a fun night, went to the Ball and Chain for dinner and then sat up until 3 in the morning talking. Some pic's of the boys above.

School Fair

Issi had her school fair on the 19th April, it was a lovley day and she had a wonderful time. We liv opposite the school oval so fair morning was very long and drawn out as we were up and ready to go at 7:30am and the fair did not start until 10:00am.