Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Week !

We have been waiting for quite sometime now for Ruby to have a little operation on a bubbly thing in her mouth, they called it a tumor but I don't want to use that word it shoulds scary.

Well last tuesday I got a call from the rooms to say that they had moved her op forward to friday from Feb as we were all a bit concerned that it had grown. I felt a little scared but thought well it will be here before we know it so no time to worry.

Friday morning came around, Nathan and I were wondering how we were ever going to get away with not feeding Rub's breakfast, I mean this child lives for food. Well it worked out alright as both the girls slept until 6:30am and we had to wake them(which never happens in our house).

We dropped Issi off to Nathan's Mum and had Ruby at the hospital at 7:00am. One of my good friends from Church works at St Vincents so we were treated very well and had a room straight away unlike everyone else sitting in the waiting room. Ruby went to thearte at 8:00am, I made Nathan go in with her this time as I had taken her in when she had her finger operation and I felt that quite horrible. As soon as they were gone I did freak a little and think I should of taken her, as soon as Nathan came back I made him give me the gown so I could go into recovery.

About 9:00am I went to go to the toilet and I heard her in recovery, they came out and got me straight away as she was pretty destressed. She cried for about 45mins which was pretty unpleasant. Once we got back to our room she settled down and was asking for food in no time, we know she was back to her old self them.

We took her home about 11:30am and she has recovered very quickly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sprinkler Time !!

Over the longweekend we had some beautiful weather in Launceston and we spent a lot of it in the garden, meaning the girls got to spend quite a bit of time under the sprinkler. We never had any where at oxford Street so set up a sprinkler so this was very exciting for them.

We had to go in blocks of 20mins in the sun as neither of the girls can wear sun screen with there skin. Luckily enough they are quite olive and do not burn easily.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our new House !!

Our new house before we removed the white wool carpet that was even in the carpet and the drapes. Still working on the lighting.

Moving day.

It looks so different without the carpet

Saying goodbye to 11 oxford street. xx

Some photo's from the last couple of months.

The beautiful and very cheeky Ruby, she is such a different to Issi. Was an absolute pleasure as a baby very quite and content, however now she is in to everything and not just the nice things. Nothing to find her in the toilet taking her poo from the toilet or in the garden eating dirt. She should have been a boy I think.

In the september holidays we went with a little group of Issi's school friends to Hobart to watch High School Musical, the girls had a great time and enjoyed the school so much as did there Mum's. This is Issi and Poppy.

My new car !!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am still alive !!

Well I know there is only a couple of people that read my blog and don't know that we have been moving house and very busy over the last few months, anyway in saying that we are now sort of settled in and I am attemping to get back into blog land.

Our new house is a 1970's brick which is very different from anything we have bought before and anything we have liked before, however we LOVE it. I will post some photo's when I get around to loading them on to the computer.

I have settled into my new job at 41degrees very nicely now, I have now been here for over 7 months. The time has really flown. I am really looking forward to having a good holiday and break with Nathan and the girls over Christmas which is something that I just could not do in my old job. I have been going to PCSYM the new gym in launie doing Spin three mornings a week for about 6 weeks now and am really enjoying that, also started Bootcamp this morning which will be on two mornings a week.

Issi has had a very good year at Prep, she is really enjoying her swimming, gymnastic and ballet. It is there end of your production of Madeline in a few weeks so that is always very excing. She is really loving having two of the little girls from her class living on our back fence at the new house, they have such fun playing in the yard.

Ruby is growing up much too quickly, she is a very adventurous little girls and you really need to know what she is up to at all times. This is strange as she was such a easy baby, she is very much into her role play and loves Lewis (Issi's baby Born) playing with him for hours.

Nathan is having a great year at school also, it is just about to be report writing week so I may not be saying that next week. He is in a AST role .6 and really enjoying the Challange. They have the school fair tomorrow night which should be good fun.

Well that is about all for my first posting back on the blog, will post some more with photo's over the weekend and attempt to get the few people that used to read my blog back checking. Oh by the way Chels I tried to check out your blog the other day and could not get in, could I please have access I love your blog and seeing what your beautiful little family is up to,

Bye for now