Monday, September 24, 2012

Slowly going under !

Well with 5 learning days left at Uni I feel like I am slowly drowning. The house looks like a bomb has hit ! I thought I would load a few more pictures while I am listening to a really boring lecture:

                                                         My beautiful butterfly !!!

My little hulu girl !

A photo with the big girls from our group !


Friday, September 21, 2012

3 in one week !

Three post in one week thats a bit intense. It's amazing what you find time to do when you are avoiding study. At the start of the year when I recreated the thought of my blog I really wanted to do a few posts on the things I had missed out on from 2010 &2011. So today I thought I would post some photos from our cruise in Jan 2012.

We went on an 8 days P&O cruise to celebrate my brother inlaws 50th and below are the photo's to prove it.

My beautiful friend Christine and her boys who shared our holiday with us !

Ready to board our flight !

Christine and our girls !!

Ruby and the boys !!

 Issi making new friends !!

Our cabin !

Off to the Prom !

Mario our steward made us towel animals that the girls loved !!!



The amazing entertain crew !
The welcoming the committing !


Next few photo's our welcoming to Noumea


Liffoy !
Hair Braiding !

Our beautiful Ruby

What a beautiful day on a gorgueos island !

Nouema, under the palm tea !!
Bliss !!!
 The girls with there hair braided !
Ruby's special friend Martha


Lately !!

Well yesterday and today have been an absolute wipe out of study, study and more study. Nathan came home from Qld yesterday and I feel like I have just given him the reigns and hardly seen him. He was so good and took the girls to the pool all morning this morning so that I could study. On a brighter note below is a picture of the beautiful Coles Bay and the spot where Nathan and I took our beach run while down there. It was divine !!!
The cute and cold Ruby about to have a swim in the very cold ocean !

 My crazy girls swimming in the freezing cold ocean !

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update !

Well with 2 weeks left at Uni life is feeling a little intense at the moment. The girls are in the last week of school holidays and Nathan has been in QLD for the last week at  a seminar. We had a lovely trip to Coles Bay in the first week of the holidays and I really wish we could have stayed longer. An old family friend of Nathan's mum and dad has just renovated a shack so we were extremely lucky to be her first guests. I am really having trouble coming up with much more to write at the moment as every spare moment tends to be spent studying.