Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our first family fun run !!!

I was so proud of my beautiful girls today. Below is why :

Our family pic after the big race

Ruby was keen for a photo with all the mascots at the run.

 Ruby and her special friend from school William, she was very excited to see that he was also running today.

Ruby and Grace

 Ruby and Buzzy Bee, the B&E mascot.

I ran with Issi and my thought was that I would teach her how to run a longer race were you need to think about your pace and not go to hard to early. Well she was keen on listening and just ran flat out the whole way and it nearly killed me keeping up. Nathan rang with Ruby and this is where I got my biggest surprise. Rub's had never really ran in anything before and I really thought she would be lucky to finish let along run almost the whole way. She was so determined !! Love these girls. Yesterday I made the decision that I will tough out a season of Little Ath's when it starts in October, I think the girls will love it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Our year so far !

Well life has somewhat slowed down for us slightly at the moment. Nathan and the girls are on school holidays and I have just finished my exams so have now got 4 weeks off also. I must say we all feel like we need to recover.

My dear Dad passed away in the middle of may and it has really rocked us all. Below is a picture of me and my dad at my sisters wedding when I was going into grade 6. It makes me feel really sad as this is the last photo I have with him.

Dad being a wally in Issi's sun glasses

Ruby and her poppy.

Dad deep in thought

Isn't it funny how the things that used to annoy you at times are the things you miss the most. I would give anything for my Dad to call me at 6:00pm at night right in the middle of trying to dish up dinner just to say Hi.