Monday, February 27, 2012

Back into to the swing of things !!!

Well things are certainly back in full swing for us. I started Uni yesterday and the girls extra curricular activties are back in full swing. Not to mention the fact that Issi has been sick with a tummy bug since saturday.

I am also in the process of organising the Living Water ball, this was an event started through a group of guys from our church last year. I was asked to help at the end last year when they were panicked they were organised and this year Jo the girls that was heading it all up was pregnant so it has pretty much become my baby. I am enjoying it, however it is the last thing I really need at the moment with starting Uni. I know it will all worth it on the night.

I also played my first game of basketball in 10 years last week at the YMCA, I certainly need some shooting practice but all in all it was pretty enjoyable and I wasnt to sore on friday.

The 41 Degrees fun run is coming up on Sunday, I have been training for and looking forward to this event all year. Hoping for a good time.

We also had a visitor at our house over the weekend. Ruby got to bring home patch the kindergarten dog. We took some photo's of him and Ruby did a lovely drawing in his scrapbook.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roxette and school books !!

Well I am home from a lovely relaxing weekend in Sydney with a girlfriend. The highlight of our trip was the Roxette concert of course !!!! Here is a picture of my yummy lunch on the first day, we did a fair bit of good eating but luckily the amount of walking we did worked some of that food off. I was in love the macroon shop that we found at the Westfield and was glad it was a buge walk away from our hotel or I would of been in big trouble.

Below is some of our handy work from this afternoon. I was very glad to be home from Sydney by 10:45 so as I had the day to get organised for the school week and also to get the books covered. I actually love this job and look forward to it every year.

Well as we begin another week we are almost back in rountine. This is my last week before Uni starts so need it to be a productive one. I have already booked 3 coffee dates so I am not allowed to book anymore.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ruby's day to shine !

Well the day has finally come. Ruby has been very keen to start and go to her big sisters school for over 12 months now, it was quite normal for her to dissolve into tears each time we drove past the school asking when will I go to sissy's big school.

 Very happy and excited !

 Finally we have arrived, bit of mixed emotions for both Ruby and myself I think.

Off she goes !

 And of course a crazy photo just to top it off.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Issi's back at school !

Today saw Isabella starting grade 3, she was quite excited this morning. Her only concern about being in grade 3 is that you have to all the hard stuff like swimming carnivals. Ruby was very cute this morning and is looking forward to starting Kinder tomorrow, we saw her teacher when we were walking back home from dropping Issi off.

 Nathan and his beautiful girls !!

 Little Miss Ruby !

 Growing up way to quickly.

Me and my beautiful girl !

 Issi and Stella, these 2 beautiful girls have been together since early learner at scotch oakburn when they were 3.

 With her dad, she is Daddy's girl !

 The beautiful Ruby all ready for another year at Ballet.

 So cute.

More cute kitten shots

The adorable and very laided back "Stewie", believe me he needs to be laid back with the amount of loving he is getting at the moment.

 Stewie is actually Ruby's cat, however she is just taking a bit of time to get used to him.

 These 2 are madly in love he is such a timid little thing, he lays around in Issi's arms like a baby.

Below is the very cute although a little bit shy "Lizzie".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last day of the school holidays !!

Well today was the last day of the holidays with both my girls home. Issi is back at school tomorrow and ruby starts kinder on thursday. I can't believe my baby is starting kinder. I have lots of plans for the next 2 weeks before I start Uni, we will see how many things I get marked off my to do list.

Our Queensland Holiday Sept 2010

Slowing getting through the list of catch up blogging. I am struggling with it as my ocd can't cope with the fact that my dates are all over the place but I really want some form of written memories of the last 2 years that I haven't been blogging.

So here are some shots from our holiday to Queensland in the sept school holidays 2010. Nathan was in a conference in Brisbane for the first 3 days so the girls and I were going it solo.

Off we go on our flight, a very excited Ruby Grace.

 After a long day of travel !

 Ready for a day at seaworld.

Getting inked up !!

Cambodia House Building Project

In early 2010 a group of about 10 girls decided they might like to spend their holiday for the coming year doing something for someone else so a trip to cambodia to do the house building project was birthed. Kristi who was my boss at 41 degrees real estate was one of those 10 girls so we all had the invitation extented to us at work. Court and i decided we would like to go and poor old woodies decided she wouldn't meaning she would hold the fort at home.

We held a few different fundraising events and asked around for sponsorship, we were keen to build 10 house which meant we needed to raise at least $15,000 as the materials were $1500 per house.

One of our events was a Cambodia night, some photo's are below:

The night was a great success and I believe we reached our initial fundraising target in just one event.

Some shots from the project:

 Presenting the house to a family.

 Work in progress

 A bit hot and bothered.

Finally relaxing at the end of a hard days work.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying to recover !!

I am desperately trying to recover from my 4 week summer school for the University Preparation Program. Recovering on many levels pyhsically and mentally while my house also needs recovering. Nathan did a great job to cook tea each night and to also do the grocery shopping but it all just feels a little out of sorts. Here are some cute photo's I have taken of the girls and our new additions.