Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ballet Exam

How grown up !!

Oh my goodness blogging twice in two days. Managed to find the camera cord so have loaded some photo's from Issi's ballet exam. She is really starting to look so grown up, turning 6 in two weeks.

It has been far to long !!

Well were to start. It has been far to long since my last blog post. Some changers have certainly occured in our household and some are yet to occur. My new job, I started working with the girls at 41 Degrees Real Estate back in March. It was the best decision I have ever made, Nathan used to say to me quite often that he thought I would really enjoy Real Estate and I would always say NO Way, could not think of anything worse. Well I was so wrong, I love it. I feel like I have found my passion. It is however a little on the busy side but we seem to be making it work. It is really important to protect some of your time or people think that you are on call to them 24/7.
A change that is yet to occur is our new house, yes I know I am ment to be selling them to other people not buying them myself. We have bought a house in Ashby St, which is actually just two streets away from where we live now. It is not the sort of house I thought I would ever by as it is brick 70's and I am a bit of a weatherboard Character girl. However it is a very sensible family home for us and our busy lives.
The girls are growing up way to fast, Issi had her first ballet exam yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. She is really tried tonight and took herself to bed at 6:00pm when she got home from playing at a girlfriends house.
Ruby is really blooming in to her own little person, very cheeky but incredibly cute at the same time.
Nathan is busy at work, he is in the acting Ast role that he had last term again so that is certainly filling up his days. He had a week of being the big boss when Shireen and Mario went to Singapore and he love it and from all reports really stepped up to the mark.
Well that is about all for now, I will load some of Issi ballet photo's when I find the cord for the camera. XX