Monday, January 19, 2009

His home !!!!!!

Well Nathan arrived home safe and well last night after his week in Melbourne. We had a lovely day today. The girls went to care so we could have sometime together. We went for a walk this morning then to "Fresh" for lunch. We decided to take a walk though town and ended up at the Movies. We saw Bridewars which was such a chick flick and a bit lame, light relief but.
We then went and picked the girls up from care and headed over to Nathan's parents place for a bbq with some of Nathan's dads cousins that were over from the mainland. The girls had a lovely night and we headed home about 9:00pm.
I am now about to head off to bed, feel pretty tied as I don't really think I slept very sound for the past week. XX

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A pleasant Sunday drive !!

Today I decided I would take the girls down to Spreyton to see my brother and his kids. We went to Tasmazia for lunch which was really nice and the kids had fun. Issi was a bit of a miss while we were there. She ordered little hot dogs for lunch the same as Ruby, Ethan and Elize had a pancake. When the pancakes came of course Issi want one of them. Well she ate up her lunch so well and quickly for that matter that I ordered her a pancake, at this stage we decided to move tables as it was getting to hot in the sun. Guess what we found under the edge of the table where Issi was sitting ? Yes you guessed it her hot dogs. She then had to eat them while Christopher teased her with her pancake in front of him. Similiar to what he used to do to me now I think of it. LOL

Ethan is such a beautiful little boy. He wanted to come in the car with me on the way to the lake, we were just driving along and he put his arm in mine and said "I Love you Auntie Fee". Very out of the blue but very cute. He absolutley adores Ruby, they play together while the girls go off.

Issi and Eliza played really well together today.

After lunch we headed down to Lake Barrington where Christophers mates where all skiing. I would have loved to have a ski but it is a bit hard with Ruby. Christopher was in form. Ruby befriended one of Chris's mates and ate all his chips, anyone that feeds Rub's is a friend for life.
Headed back about three, by the time we had a drink stop at ETC and a toilet stop on the side of the road ( not the main road). Got back in time to though Ruby though the shower and head to Church.
Issi had a bit of trouble going to sleep tonight as she is pretty excited about Nathan coming home tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself for staying by myself all week, I feel quite empowered at time the fear I had of staying by myself was quite crippling.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Day at the Beach !!!!!!!!

Today we decided to take a trip to the beach, after such great weather all week today was nice but not as hot as it has been. Which is actually probably just as well or we all would have been fried.
We took Millie, Aunty Cathy's dog so we headed to the dog beach first of all for her to have a bit of a run. Ruby also decided she would have a bit of a dunk at the dog beach in all her clothes.
This is the camera shy Isabella (not) at Old Pier Beach.
What a great looking view, I love bridport !!!!!!
Alex and Issi having a paddle, Issi and Ruby are very lucky to have two older cousins to look after them.
Ruby was pretty keen for a swim here until she felt how cold the water was.
We are off to Bridport for a week on the 27th Jan, I am really looking forward to it we went last year this time of year as well. My first ever blog post was about or trip to Bridport last year so I am coming up to my blog anniversary.
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Finally !!

It has been a long time between drinks for me and any sewing. I started these stitcheries for the Nice People Nice Things quilt about this time last year. I am more than half way though them but have lost a bit (a lot) of focus. Really want to finish them so I can make the quilt, I am not one of these people that can cope with having heaps of started project.

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A pony ride !!!

On Sunday when we went to Evandale market Issi had a little pony ride. She thought she was very special sitting up here. I just hope she does not get any ideas, I struggle to keep up with fish and a bird. LOL
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Compensation !!!

Well I survived my first night !!!! Even though Ruby spent from 12:00am to 2:00am screaming. Little monkey, she is now in bed for her rest already at 10:00am. Pitty I can't join her. It is strange I have always been so scared of staying on my own, to the point where I can really get myself into a state. However I had made a choice that I was going to control my thoughts and not let my mind get carried away hearing noices and the like. Well it worked.
Below is a picture of my dinner last night, this is the compensation for when Nathan is away. You see he is allergic to Prawns so when ever he is not here I can indulge. YUMMO !!!!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well his Gone !!!!!

We dropped Nathan at the airport at 8:00am this morning, so off to Melbourne he has gone. I suppose the one good thing he when he returns he will have a bottle of Tiffany & Co perfume for me.
After we dropped him off the girls and decided to visit the Evandale Market, Issi had a pony ride and we got a big bowl of small juicy apricots. We then decided we would go and check out the Esk Market, I am always getting asked at work which one is better. So after visiting both I would have to vote the Evandale Market definatly. It has been a weekend of markets, I popped into the Civic Homespun Market yesterday afternoon. I hope this market takes off and the people of Launceston embrace it, we need more things like this if only they can get off the ground.
On our way home we popped into see Nanny P and then home for lunch..........................

A pleasant saturday !!

We had a very pleasant saturday today. It started this morning when I went to the Gorge to meet up with one of my old friends Sar and Chelsea, Dave and family.The girls had a lovely time looking for peacock feathers. Dave did a great job of finding three feathers which kept the girls happy. Issi took some very impressive photo's of the peacock, below is one.

We them meet up with Nathan and decided to take the girls for a swim. I had not been in the water with Ruby since last summer and she had a lovely time until her lips went blue.

After the pool we headed to the Seaport Fish & Chips for dinner. I had the most divine fish and asian salad. The girls played beautifully. By the time we walked back to Stillwater where we had parked the car the girls where pretty tied and so were we for that matter.
Nathan is presently packing to go to Melbourne tomorrow for the Aikido Summer School, I am not really looking forward to him being away as I am not a huge fan of being home along at night. This is something I am going to beat this year. !!!!!!!!!! I normally end up lugging the girls up to sleep at my sisters.

On a very happy note I lost 2.1 kg at my weigh in the this morning. I know this is a very good loss and it will probably not be this big in weeks to come but this was my first week back on track for about a month I reckon. I had a little to much Christmas cheer.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day !!

We had a lovely day yesterday, went for a drive to Deloraine and then on to ETC for Lunch. There is a great new fabric, patchwork craft shop in Deloriane. It is funky retro Amy Bulter fabric and designs not your normal country craft/quilt. I loved it, well I loved looking in the window as the shop was shut. I am very keen for a visit when the shop is open. I am very proud of Nathan as he actually discovered the shop and told me it was there and he thought I would like it. Well Done Honey !!!
These are some cute photo's of Ruby on New Years morning, she is looking so grown up.
I have decided to have a couple of New Years Resolutions;

1) Practice the power of positive thinking far more often.

2) Try to update my blog at least once a week.

3) Be kinder to myself about my weightloss, aim for 10kgs in 12 months.

Well that was three not a couple.

Ruby in Isabella's flashing bunny ears purchased on New Years Eve at Aurora, she looked very cute and was not to keen to give them back to Issi.

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