Thursday, July 17, 2008

HI 5 !!!

On Tuesday I was feeling very guilty, you see I had decided it was all to hard to have to take time off work to take Issi to HI 5 so I did not get tickets. Then Issi came home from school and said Poppy and I are going to HI 5 tomorrow then we are going to Creche. I thought oh no now I have to tell her we don't have tickets. Anyway to cut a long story short when I checked my phone I had a message from Mel offering us free tickets. This was such a nice surprise and got me out of a real pickle.
So off we went to Hi 5 yesterday morning, Issi was very impressed and loved her flashing light headband. Above is a picture of Ruby today with her first set of pig tails, I think she looks cute even if Aunty Cathy laughed at her.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A funny story !!!

Yesterday Nathan said to me do you think I should start a blog for my science role. I thought it might be a bit of fun so I told him I would help him with it after the girls where asleep.
Well time got away from us and I had to be out by 7 so I left him sitting on the couch playing on blogger. When I got home he told me I would have to help him with it tonight as he had a bit of trouble. I thought nothing more of it.
Then this afternoon I was looking at my blog when I saw my About me profile looked longer than normal. When I began to read it I could not stop laughing , all of a sudden my profile was no longer about me but Nathan( I got a small mention). He smust have thought he had created his own but was actually on mine.
Well it got better, the first time I wrote this post I actually ended up posting it to Nathan's new blog. I think the problem is he has used our home email address so we both have the same log in. On his new bblog his profile picture of himself is actually me. LOL
Oh dont you love technology......
I am now off to rewrite my about me profile.xx

Monday, July 14, 2008

Frustrated !!!

This weekend coming is the Launceston 10, I have been training with my cousin for about the last 3 months for this event. Saturday before last I went to bed with a really sore throat, I woke the next morning feel a littl average but still headed out on our 10km time trail we had planned for that day. Anayway I ran like crap and by that arvo understood why, had full on cough chest thing. Soildered on until wednesday when I went to the dr and got some drugs, anyway still not back exercising as chest is still crap.
I feel so disappointed, am not going to run unless I have a amazing recovery between now and sunday. If it was a 5km I would probably run a little sick but not a 10km. Am so bummed !!!!

Was meant to be in my last post !

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Have put my first square together for my NPNT things quilt, was a bit of tricky but I finally got the hang of Cathy's instructions. This makes me feel more motivated to get the stitcheries finished now.
And this is the back
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My little Fairies

We had a pretty quite weekend. We have all been sick on and off for the last month or so, I am so over it. On saturday we went to the Home Idea's Centre to the Bathroom and Kitchen Expo. Like most tasmanian expo's you are all excited to go and then bitterly disappointed once you get there. Think it comes from living in Melbourne and expecting what they get at Geoff's Shed.
So after finding nothing of interest we decided to go for a drive out to Evandale, went to the bakery and had some lunch. The girls where really good and we had a lovely time.
On Saturday night I had a girlie night at the Movies with one of my girlfriends Rachel. We were going to see Sex in the City but it was finished so we went to "Mumma Mia". It was awesome, loved it reckon I will go again.

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Ruby embracing WInter.

When we were in Hawaii on our Honeymoon Nathan bought this funky hat. Issi never really like
having it on and I was not real stressed about hats with her for she had so much hair. Ruby on the
other hand has next to no hair and loves wearing hats. All ready for Creche the other morning.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not much happening here at the Mo !

Well not much going on here at the moment and no pic's to post so I thought I would post an oldie. One of my fav wedding photo's March 2005 we were married. We had a garden party in Nathan's parents garden which was absolutly divine. They have beautiful gounds that they put a lot of work into. The one thing that frustrates me about this photo is the petal hanging off Nathan's tulip, surely if you were a photographer you would see that. LOL

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Still hanging on !!

Thank you to everyone who passed on there best wishes in regard to all our bugs. Unfortunalty it is still an on going event. I now have Issi's terrible cough and Ruby is still the random spewer. Took her to the doctor last week and they were not to concerned. However it has now been two weeks today since she started throwing up on and off, think I will have to take her back again.
Have been getting a few of my stitcheries done from Nice people lately. Am looking forward to starting to put it together so have to get a move on with it.