Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Brave and Beautiful Ruby !!!

Well I have been trying to write this post all week but found it a bit hard. Our poor little Ruby ended up in hospital on Sunday after I accidently shut her finger in Sam and Kates front door. It was very tramatic for all involved. However Ruby has just taken it in her stride and is as happy as ever.
I have had the week off with her as I could not stand to leave her with anyone at the moment.

Her little hand all bandaged up, has to be like this for another 5 days. This was straight after we came out of hospital bandage all nice and clean, not quite so clean now and today Rub's decided she would start biting it.
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Pay it Forward Gift !!!

How excited was I. On Saturday we returned home from Ballet to find a post pack at the back door. Enclosed was this lovely gift from the very talented JO of Vintage Lane Stitches, I felt so lucky and very grateful.

Jo must have know that I am a big fan of Chocolate, had to hide it from my family as I was not sharing. LOL

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Show Day

Today we decided to take the girls to the Royal Launceston Show. We had a really nice day the weather was lovely, we walked down and back so it was a very nice outing. Ruby was pretty impressed with the Boat ride and Issi was over the moon with her Hannah Montana Show bag.

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I LOVE Tulips !!!!!!!

This is what we found in our garden this morning. Isabella was very excited. I bought these bulbs back in April and one day when I was at work Nathan and Issi planted them for me. We have been waiting very patiently for them to bloom, we have only had one casuality.

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It's a nice change !!!

This morning I thought the girls where quite for a change while I was on the computer,
when I wandered back into the loungeroom this is what I found. All snuggled up watching the Wiggles,
anyone that knows Issi will know this is huge. She is normally pulling Ruby around or trying to cuddle her and kiss her, while ruby is normally whinging as she does not want to be pulled around and cuddled. Ruby has also decided that she is interested in the Tv.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kids Paradise !

Last night Sam & Kate called us to see if we wanted to go for a counter meal, it all seemed a bit hard at first. The girls were in the bath and there tea was in the oven. Anyway we have not caught up for yonks apart from a quick chat after church so we decided to go. We ended up at Kids Paradise, was really good as the older girls were very good and let us eat our meal in peace while they played. These photo's are of Issi and Milly, I was trying to get a nice photo of them but Issi was not keen and I am a terrible photographer. So these will have to do for now.

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My little artists !!

Issi has always been a big fan of drawing and colouring in and lately Ruby has wanted a piece of the action, so today I set her up a little table near Issi and away she went. I think she got more pen on her face than the paper but she thought she was very special. I worked this morning so the day has gone by very quickly.
We had people booked into our cottage this afternoon for 5 days who sent me a text message to say they were not coming. I was a little bit peeved as they had not payed a full deposit and I had a bad feeling about them the whole time. There is very little chance we will fill these days at this late stage so we are about $600 out of pocket. It is a bit of a sick feeling when people don't do the right thing by you. Oh well thats my whinge for the day.

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