Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding.

Yesterday Heidi one of the girls from work got married. It was a absoutley beautiful wedding held at Strathmore. Heidi had put so much time and effect into the planning and decorations and the day went off with out a hitch and thankfully no rain.

Karo, Shez and I

My spunky husband

The beautiful bride with her Mum and Dad, her Mum made her dress which was lovely.

Heidi made her own cake, she is extremley clever and creative.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More school shoots !

Some sports uniform shoots from last week. Issi is a bit overwhelmed with the whole fulltime school thing at the moment, I hope it does not take her to long to get used to it.

This is my Dad with Ruby, Rub's is funny she is a bit of a Mummy's girls but she seems to be pretty keen on my Dad. She sat up on his knee on saturday for a good hour. Issi was playing Guess Who with Poppy and Daddy one of our Christmas games.

Ruby was up to her stunts again tonight. Issi got a new little Pet shop set of toys last night and they disppeared. Issi and I searched the toy as we thought we had seen Ruby going around there with them. Finally after about 30mins we had given up and I was walking back past the air conditioner when I happened to look down and guess what had been posted inside the air con vent, yes you guessed it the toys. We had to bend the vent to get them out, little minx. She looks like butter would not melt in her mouth.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look what in my Garden !

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Into everything, with no exceptions !!

Ruby is such a monkey at the moment she is in to everything. The other morning when I was taking photo's of Issi nathan called out quick come here and bring your camera. Yes this is what I found. Ruby washing her hands in the toilet. I put her in the sink and washed her in so much pino clean she smelt like a cleaning product.

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First Day of Prep !!

Well we have had a busy week. Tuesday saw Issi have her first day of Prep and fulltime school. It feel strange thinking that she will be there everyday of the week, I have been at work so far this week but on friday when Ruby and I take Issi to school I think we might feel a little sad.
She is absolutely loving her new teacher and classmates, she has three little girls that have moved from Scotch that she went though Early learning with so that is nice. She was very tied tonight so I don't know how she will be by friday.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Water fight !!

Well as you can see below I found my bridport photo's, think picasa might be playing up a little because it could not have possibly been my computer skills that lost the photo's. Well that is my excuse anyway.

Issi fully armed in the water fight, she had a ball. Last year she was not really old enough to take part so she was really into it this year. The kids all hide and attacked the Dad's on return from there Golf game, the thing is the guys were all so hot I think they enjoyed it.
A cute Ruby with Grandma
A bit of Singstar fun on our last night. Issi is the hugest Abba Fan that we are thinking we are going to have to invest in a Playstation. We are just a bit torn between it and a Wii, anyones experiences or options would be good. I am not really in the know when it comes to these things. Last time I looked Gameboys were still hip, I don't think they even make them anymore.LOL

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So Excited !!

Guess what I found ? Yes that is right my beach photo's. So here they are, some of them are not much chop but they are still memories for us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get back into the swing of things !!!

Well this week we have had an easing back into a bit of a routine. Nathan had to work tuesday, wednesday so the girls where with my Mum and Nates mum today. I worked and then after work popped out to Nate's nans to give her a haircut. We had the yummiest lamb cutlets on the bbq for tea and that was about exciting as my day got. Well actually no, Nate took the girls to his Mum's this morning so I went to the gym and did cardio. Had a shower and blow dryed my hair at the gym, it was very novel to be doing this with out someone in my ear (Issi) or someone trying to unpack the bathroom cupboards (Ruby). May have to try and get there a bit more often of a morning now I don't start until 9:30am.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Pic's

Well we returned from our holiday at the beach yesterday and as I was trying to load my photo's of our holiday and of Australia day I some how wiped my media card. I am so upset, had some of the cutest shots from Bridport and the funniest Australia Day water slide shots. Oh Well.

As I said above we had the best time in bridport, we did lots of swimming and playing at the beach. Some nice beach walks, and even a bike ride in 35 dregree heat. It was hot, very hot. Ruby had absolutley no fear of the ocean or waves, she couldn't get enough. She was also very keen on diggging holes in the sand or messing up the bigger kids sand castles, much to there disgust.

This morning we had a huge hit of back to life as we found both our cars with flat batteries. Nathan had somehow left his boot not shut properly before we went away and then yesterday when we got home and Nathan washed the other car he had bumped the fog lights on and it also had a flat battery. You would not read about, but you are.

This week is getting back into the swing of things for us. Nathan goes back to school tomorrow for two days, he will then spend the rest of the week setting up his class room. I enjoy the holidays but I also enjoy feeling like we are getting some routine back. Can't believe Issi starts Prep next week.