Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not much happening in Town !!!

Life has been pretty quite at our house this week. Although on Tuesday we looked after Millie and Ebbie as Kate was in Hospital having "Jacob David Cawthorn". It was very exciting, Kate texted me on tuesday morning and asked if the baby was not born by three could I pick Millie up from school, so all day I was waiting by the phone.
We finally got the call at 5:00pm to say that Sam and Kate had welcomed into the world a beautiful Baby brother and Son. 10 pound 2 oz. So a pound smaller than Issi but a very healthy little(or not so little) Boy !!! The girls were very excited, I was very surprised when they both fell asleep on the couch at 7:30pm they were both very high and I thought there would be no chance of that.
I have been off work all week as my tummy is still not doing what it is meant to, am trying my hardest to eat a little more but it is hard. I had some tests on Monday and there is no little bug in there so it looks like it is just the effects of the Antibiotic's, can't say I will to keen to take any ever again.
We had a joint 5th birthday for the Ante natal girls today, it nows seems funny to call it Baby group as the girls have all turned 5. Today we went to Kings Meadows Macca's, to think 5 years ago we were meeting in funky Cafe's as our beautiful babies were just so content to lay in there prams. Oh where have the years gone ?

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Catherine said...

You wait till they are 16 and 13...then you will feel old!!! CAthyxx