Saturday, October 4, 2008

My little artists !!

Issi has always been a big fan of drawing and colouring in and lately Ruby has wanted a piece of the action, so today I set her up a little table near Issi and away she went. I think she got more pen on her face than the paper but she thought she was very special. I worked this morning so the day has gone by very quickly.
We had people booked into our cottage this afternoon for 5 days who sent me a text message to say they were not coming. I was a little bit peeved as they had not payed a full deposit and I had a bad feeling about them the whole time. There is very little chance we will fill these days at this late stage so we are about $600 out of pocket. It is a bit of a sick feeling when people don't do the right thing by you. Oh well thats my whinge for the day.

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Catherine said...

How cute are you Miss Ruby Duby!!!! Auntie Cathyxx