Tuesday, November 25, 2008

110th Post

We I missed my 100th post, just went to log in and realised I had 109 posts so far.
I feel a little stressed and confused at the moment, I have been having a few issues at work and am trying to work out if this is what I really want.
I mean I don't really have to go to work, yes it makes our life a little more comfortable. Also a little more stressful at times, like tea time.
I also realise that once Ruby goes to school that is it I have lost all that time with my girls at home. Oh I don't know what to do ???? Ay suggestions ????


Isabella said...

If you dont need to work and would be happy at home and it sounds like you would then stay home, I worked all through my childrens childhood out of need my then husband was a ---- and wouldn't now I resent every min of it someone else saw their first steps heard their first words, never again

Anonymous said...

Hmm its hard isn't it. I guess I can see both sides of it. I suppose it really comes down to - if this job doesn't satisfy you and is causing more stress then perhaps look for something else that is school hours only or just be at home. If you were at home, would you still want Ruby to be in day care one day a week - could you afford that? Yes, once they are at school you can't get the time back, so nows the time if you want to be at home. Or, if you stay at work are there things you can do to make life at home better/less stressful. Things you can drop etc? Meal planning, prepare vegies the day before etc. Just some ideas - call me if you need. xx Narelle

Leanne said...

HI Fiona
I know this day and age people need to work to make ends meet but if you can afford to stay at home then go for it, I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum when the boys were young and they loved it. Do whats best for you and your family, there's plenty of time for working later when Ruby goes to school.
I feel like i haven't seen you for ages, I hope you are well and the kids are good, I loved the photos of Izzy, she looks gorgeous.
Talk to you soon
Love Leanne

The Kings said...

Hi - I was just flicking through your blog, going through some older posts. I think this is a hard one. I have been home full time for 9 years - sometimes I think I'm crazy, but most times I think I'm lucky. I think if you can do it and work is causing you more stress than anything else then stay home. I just feel really lucky that I got to spend 4 full years with my three oldest boys before they went to school. Now that Jalen and Noah are both at school I'm so glad that I got to have all that time when they were little with them. I know I can always work later on, but I can never get my kids early years back again. I used to stress about it, but one of Jalen's teachers told me she spent 11 years full time at home, and then went back to teaching and she is an awesome teacher, and you would never know she had so much time away - she said she would never regret it.
I'm sure by now you have probably already decided what you want to do as this is an old post, but just wanted to say that I feel very lucky to be able to be home full time with all my boys.