Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am off to Hobart !!!

I am off to Hobart today for the night for a work course being ran tomorrow. This morning was pretty hectic at our house as I had to make sure I had the school clothes ready for tomorrow and all the other little bits that you just do with out even realising. Did not put any clothes out for Ruby for creche tomorrow so I am sorry Rub's daddy will be picking your clothes for the day. LOL.
I made a decision yesterday that things in the sleeping department in our household need to change. Isabella has been one to come and get into our bed every since she was a baby, and I would say that for the past at least 12 months has done so every night. Until Ruby was 12months she was the best sleeper the best eater and very quite. Then over night it all changed, we found out she was allergic to Eggs, Nuts, Dairy and Tomato which makes like interesting and she decided that she would no longer sleep all night. The only thing is she is still a very good sleeper during the day and I really enjoy that also, however I think I am going to have to cut her down to one sleep. We have also made another HUGE mistake which I would never have done with Isabella and that is let her have a bottle in bed. She drinks rice milk so I used to think that it was alright for her teeth as it does not have the sugar, although now she wants one at 2:00am every morning.
Oh well we could be in for a few interesting weeks as I break these children. As long as I don't break first.


Narelle said...

Hehe. Maybe just try one thing at a time. I'm sure you'll find it easier than you think. I suggest writing down what you are doing, so you don't forget, and Nate knows and that you do it the same each time. Mia has been waking earlier and earlier of late, this morning it was 4.20am and i just said no she couldn't get in to our bed then as it was still night time. She fussed for 2 minutes and then went back to sleep, so interesting to see what she does tomorrow morning. Typical too cause its the first night for a few that B hasn't woken with a dream! Good luck!

Leanne said...

HI Fiona

How was Hobart, I hope you enjoyed yourself and you got a full nights sleep, you know reading your post about kids coming in the night brings back so many memories when my boys were little, Just stick to your guns and I'm sure the girls will get used to their routine. Have you tired putting Issi back into her bed when she comes in to your bed, even if you lay with her until she falls back asleep. Eventually she just may stay there all night. Here's hoping. xx

Love Leanne

Loz and Dinny said...

Hope the habit breaking is going well and that you ahve survived daylight savings! Being a new blogger, I have just been tagged for the first time so now I have tagged you over at my blog in return. Hope you don't mind! It's all new to me!

The Parsons Family said...

oh Im so slack at checking blogs regulary. If I had of we could have had you for dinner Fee. And as for kids and sleeping! Arrrrrgggg. I know all about it!