Friday, September 21, 2012

Lately !!

Well yesterday and today have been an absolute wipe out of study, study and more study. Nathan came home from Qld yesterday and I feel like I have just given him the reigns and hardly seen him. He was so good and took the girls to the pool all morning this morning so that I could study. On a brighter note below is a picture of the beautiful Coles Bay and the spot where Nathan and I took our beach run while down there. It was divine !!!
The cute and cold Ruby about to have a swim in the very cold ocean !

 My crazy girls swimming in the freezing cold ocean !


Cathy said...

Scary stuff...I just logged on to do an update!! Ruby looks like you in that pic...never seen that before?? Colesbay beeach looks gorgeous!!

KERRY said...

Oh my gosh Fiona, Ruby is a mini you!! Good luck with your study, I don't know how you juggle everything! xo