Friday, September 21, 2012

3 in one week !

Three post in one week thats a bit intense. It's amazing what you find time to do when you are avoiding study. At the start of the year when I recreated the thought of my blog I really wanted to do a few posts on the things I had missed out on from 2010 &2011. So today I thought I would post some photos from our cruise in Jan 2012.

We went on an 8 days P&O cruise to celebrate my brother inlaws 50th and below are the photo's to prove it.

My beautiful friend Christine and her boys who shared our holiday with us !

Ready to board our flight !

Christine and our girls !!

Ruby and the boys !!

 Issi making new friends !!

Our cabin !

Off to the Prom !

Mario our steward made us towel animals that the girls loved !!!



The amazing entertain crew !
The welcoming the committing !


Next few photo's our welcoming to Noumea


Liffoy !
Hair Braiding !

Our beautiful Ruby

What a beautiful day on a gorgueos island !

Nouema, under the palm tea !!
Bliss !!!
 The girls with there hair braided !
Ruby's special friend Martha



KERRY said...

Hi Fiona!! Great pics from your cruise :) It looks like a whole lot of fun and relaxation was had!! You all look beautiful xo

Anonymous said...

Look at that water! What a great vacation! We have never been on a cruise, but I'm hoping on planning one for next year. They seem like the easiest way to take a vacation! (I love how they turn the wash towels into animals on the beds, too! I saw that on someone else's blog!!)

Chelsea Parsons said...

So fantastic. I have never been on a cruise before... on my list!