Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Random Pic's

Isabella being little miss helpful !!!
This is Ruby the climber. This week we have had a few little falls, one where Ruby ended up in the bath head first. Thanks goodness it was empty. It is a bit of a challenge to empty the dishwasher before she realises what you are doing and ends up trying to help.

Isabella on the stage, well the washing basket anyway. When I was little I was known for standing on the upside down bin and singing a song or to. Oh my look how messy my house looks in the background.
Isabella the makeup artist !!


make it perfect said...

Hi Fiona,
Thanks heaps for your pattern order. I will post them out tomorrow so you should get them Friday or Monday. Make sure you email me pics of what you make with them! Your little girls are cute - I love seeing other people's messy loungerooms too...thanks for sharing that, its good to be reminded that it is normal! xxx

Catherine said...

What a very cheaky climbing monkey Ruby is!! And Issi will never need collagen in those luscious lips, what a stunner!!! Must look like her Auntie Cathyxxxx

RubyOwl said...

Hi Fiona, funny story about Isabelle cutting her hair, I am sure you were shocked to see she had cut it herself but, now it is such a cute style and I love the bow. I get my fabric at a variety of sites mostly in the States but I do buy some from which is in Japan. In the States I use a fair bit and also ebay sellers. I love your stitcheries very cute, I quite like the Tea Party one. If you ever want to do a trade let me know I can send a reversible pinafore for your Ruby.

RubyOwl said...

Hi Fiona, you can email me at and we can arrange a swap just let me know what kinds of colours and paterns you like and I will make a pinafore for Ruby in a size 1 or 2 let me know which. They are great to wear in any season in winter over top of a long sleeve top and in summer on its own.

Anonymous said...

can you blog again please ;)