Friday, April 4, 2008

Tagged !!

I have been tagged by my lovely sister: 7 weird and wacky things about me.

1. Like my sister I don't drink coffee, it makes me edgy.

2. I can't get to sleep unless I have a drink of water on my bedside table, even if I don't drink it.

3. I make my cup of tea hot but don't drink it until it is almost cold. Still has to be made hot, my husband finds this hard to get his head around.

4. I can't sleep unless my pj's top is tucked into my bottoms, very attractive look.

5. I always called my Grandmother Nanna, as everyone else called her Nanny and when I was younger I wanted my own name for her.

6. I am the baby by 8 years in my family, my brother and sister both left home when I was 10yrs old. And no I am not spoilt !!!!!! Oh and by the way unlike my sister I got my licence first time !!! With 3 lessons.

7. I was so sure that Ruby was a boy I did not believe them up until the day she was born. Am very happy to have two little girls now.

I have tagged Narelle.............................Have fun !


Catherine said...

Ha you are too spoilt!!!!! Didnt know that about your pj top, poor Nathi!! Did you know Georgia also has a full glass of water by her bedside each morning! Scary!!! Whose ya Mumma??? Cathyxxx

Sarah said...

LOL!! Very weird about the PJ's top!!
Sarah xx

RubyOwl said...

Oh my gosh how funny but number 2 and 3 are the same for me, I have to have water by my bed every night and usually by morning it is still as full as when I put it there. And with tea same thing needs to be hot but, I usually do not take a sip until it becomes just warm. I love your older daughters hair I am thinking of getting my Ruby's hair cut like that.