Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Monday this week the girls had gone into Issi's room for a play when I thought to myself they have been quite for
too long, they must be up to something. Well I went to find them, Ruby had decided that she would empty out Issi's doll
wardrode and get in it. Oh course Issi had to get in on the actiuon also. This wardrode was such a find, Mum was driving
home one day and saw it in a Op shop, $5 bucks later Issi had this wardrode and they play with it more than anything else,
isn't it always the way.

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Catherine said...

Oh that peace sign just keeps popping up!! She has been spending too much time with my girls and their cameras!! The wardrobe photos remind me of the pot cupboard at Albion Street! CAthyxx