Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick of Bugs !

Had the day at home today with both the girls sick. I am so over us all passing our bugs around. Ruby seems to be getting a raw deal and getting everything at least two or three times. She has been a bit of a spewing machine lately, had a little session last night while I was giving her a cuddle. Delightful.
I am so looking forward to the weather warming up, i know I have awhile to wait yet but at least we are having the occassional sunny day lately. I hate winter. I have been dragging myself out of bed to go to the gym two morning a week at 5:45am, I actually really enjoy this time of the day. I am a real morning person. Come 8:30pm in the evening I am ready for bed but. Gee you can tell I have had no adults company all day, just crapping on. lol


Catherine said...

Hey, you dont crap on!!! HAve they got diarrhea too??? Cathyxx

Alexandra-Kathleen said...

Very Nice Mother.

Ruby, Izy and I must all be passing it around to each other. I havn't be able to shake my cold. and now I have conjuctivitis. YAY.

And I had to have blood taken, i was very brave too. I didnt even cry. ahaha

Love ALi.

Leanne said...

Hi Fiona

Hope you all feel better very soon

Love Leanne