Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Pop !

As you can see I have mastered how to blog photo's from Picasa and it is so much easier than how I was doing it. This is thanks to one of the girls is my craft group that told me how to do this, so thank you Jennifer. xx

My Poppy

This photo was taken only a couple of months before I left to join the Navy.

This was Pop as we knew him best, stubbie in the hand, unfortunatley as he got sick he stopped enjoying a drink.
He passed away in April 2004 of Dementia and Alzimers(spelling). It was quite sad to watch as it was an
illness that took 20 years to return him to a child.
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Leanne said...

HI Fiona

What lovely photos and memories of your pop. They last forever don't they.

Love Leanne

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