Monday, July 7, 2008

Still hanging on !!

Thank you to everyone who passed on there best wishes in regard to all our bugs. Unfortunalty it is still an on going event. I now have Issi's terrible cough and Ruby is still the random spewer. Took her to the doctor last week and they were not to concerned. However it has now been two weeks today since she started throwing up on and off, think I will have to take her back again.
Have been getting a few of my stitcheries done from Nice people lately. Am looking forward to starting to put it together so have to get a move on with it.

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The Parsons Family said...

Sarah and I were having a laugh today cause we both thought you were the lamest blogger ever with only one post! Glad she put me on track with the "real" blog! Looking forward to the kids going to bed so I can have a look!!!! love Chels xox