Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am still alive !!

Well I know there is only a couple of people that read my blog and don't know that we have been moving house and very busy over the last few months, anyway in saying that we are now sort of settled in and I am attemping to get back into blog land.

Our new house is a 1970's brick which is very different from anything we have bought before and anything we have liked before, however we LOVE it. I will post some photo's when I get around to loading them on to the computer.

I have settled into my new job at 41degrees very nicely now, I have now been here for over 7 months. The time has really flown. I am really looking forward to having a good holiday and break with Nathan and the girls over Christmas which is something that I just could not do in my old job. I have been going to PCSYM the new gym in launie doing Spin three mornings a week for about 6 weeks now and am really enjoying that, also started Bootcamp this morning which will be on two mornings a week.

Issi has had a very good year at Prep, she is really enjoying her swimming, gymnastic and ballet. It is there end of your production of Madeline in a few weeks so that is always very excing. She is really loving having two of the little girls from her class living on our back fence at the new house, they have such fun playing in the yard.

Ruby is growing up much too quickly, she is a very adventurous little girls and you really need to know what she is up to at all times. This is strange as she was such a easy baby, she is very much into her role play and loves Lewis (Issi's baby Born) playing with him for hours.

Nathan is having a great year at school also, it is just about to be report writing week so I may not be saying that next week. He is in a AST role .6 and really enjoying the Challange. They have the school fair tomorrow night which should be good fun.

Well that is about all for my first posting back on the blog, will post some more with photo's over the weekend and attempt to get the few people that used to read my blog back checking. Oh by the way Chels I tried to check out your blog the other day and could not get in, could I please have access I love your blog and seeing what your beautiful little family is up to,

Bye for now


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Sarah said...

Hi Fee, Great to read a new blog! Chels is moving at the moment, but if you somehow let her know your email she can invite you to read. text it to me and i will forward it, if you dont have her number or email. Cant wait to see the pics of your house. All is well in sunny Qld.
Love sar xxx