Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sprinkler Time !!

Over the longweekend we had some beautiful weather in Launceston and we spent a lot of it in the garden, meaning the girls got to spend quite a bit of time under the sprinkler. We never had any where at oxford Street so set up a sprinkler so this was very exciting for them.

We had to go in blocks of 20mins in the sun as neither of the girls can wear sun screen with there skin. Luckily enough they are quite olive and do not burn easily.


Catherine said...

Looks like lots of fun girls!!!
Hope to see you soon,
Auntie Cathyxxx

Leah said...

I've only just discovered your blog so really have no idea re: the background of your girls' skin condition (so apologies if my comment is of no use at all), but my little sister had allergic reactions to certain sunscreens when she was little but was still able to wear certain others... have you investigated that, or do you know for sure they can't wear any sunscreens at all?

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