Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not much happening here at the Mo !

Well not much going on here at the moment and no pic's to post so I thought I would post an oldie. One of my fav wedding photo's March 2005 we were married. We had a garden party in Nathan's parents garden which was absolutly divine. They have beautiful gounds that they put a lot of work into. The one thing that frustrates me about this photo is the petal hanging off Nathan's tulip, surely if you were a photographer you would see that. LOL

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Narelle said...

Nate looks so young in that pic! Email me a copy and I'll fix it up for you ;) get the petal out that is lol.

Anonymous said...

God you two are sexy!!!!!!!

The Parsons Family said...

Narelle beat me to it! Super easy! I actually did it in 2 minutes but dont have your email to send it to you! How is your running going Fi?

Leanne said...

Thats such a nice photo Fiona.

I hope you all feel better very soon
Love Leanne