Monday, July 14, 2008

Frustrated !!!

This weekend coming is the Launceston 10, I have been training with my cousin for about the last 3 months for this event. Saturday before last I went to bed with a really sore throat, I woke the next morning feel a littl average but still headed out on our 10km time trail we had planned for that day. Anayway I ran like crap and by that arvo understood why, had full on cough chest thing. Soildered on until wednesday when I went to the dr and got some drugs, anyway still not back exercising as chest is still crap.
I feel so disappointed, am not going to run unless I have a amazing recovery between now and sunday. If it was a 5km I would probably run a little sick but not a 10km. Am so bummed !!!!

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The Parsons Family said...

ohhh nooo ! That's a pain when you have worked hard for something and have to miss it. I too have the chest cough, head cold thing and havent run for 5 days. Hate it! Hope you do have an amazing recovery! Go Fee!