Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A funny story !!!

Yesterday Nathan said to me do you think I should start a blog for my science role. I thought it might be a bit of fun so I told him I would help him with it after the girls where asleep.
Well time got away from us and I had to be out by 7 so I left him sitting on the couch playing on blogger. When I got home he told me I would have to help him with it tonight as he had a bit of trouble. I thought nothing more of it.
Then this afternoon I was looking at my blog when I saw my About me profile looked longer than normal. When I began to read it I could not stop laughing , all of a sudden my profile was no longer about me but Nathan( I got a small mention). He smust have thought he had created his own but was actually on mine.
Well it got better, the first time I wrote this post I actually ended up posting it to Nathan's new blog. I think the problem is he has used our home email address so we both have the same log in. On his new bblog his profile picture of himself is actually me. LOL
Oh dont you love technology......
I am now off to rewrite my about me profile.xx


Keshia said...

Hi Fiona,

First of if you go back to the Charlie Rabbit page and scroll to the bottom I am having a give-away contest if you want to add your name to the list...
If you keep checking baack in the next few days their should be a link to where you can order items!! Thanks for checking it out...


RubyOwl said...

Hi Finoa,
Long time eh? Anyway no you did Etsy right I have just never got around to listing on their yet. It seems I can barely keep up with the markets and I sell to a couple of stores now too. People just email me directly if they want something.


If you like that pink top with the kokeshi fabric I can do one for Ruby in whatever size you want. I am still happy to do a trade if you like. Loved catching up on your blog, your wedding picture was lovely even with the fallen petal. And the girls fairy dresses were very cute. Hope you are well enough to do your 10k run on Sunday.