Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More school shoots !

Some sports uniform shoots from last week. Issi is a bit overwhelmed with the whole fulltime school thing at the moment, I hope it does not take her to long to get used to it.

This is my Dad with Ruby, Rub's is funny she is a bit of a Mummy's girls but she seems to be pretty keen on my Dad. She sat up on his knee on saturday for a good hour. Issi was playing Guess Who with Poppy and Daddy one of our Christmas games.

Ruby was up to her stunts again tonight. Issi got a new little Pet shop set of toys last night and they disppeared. Issi and I searched the toy as we thought we had seen Ruby going around there with them. Finally after about 30mins we had given up and I was walking back past the air conditioner when I happened to look down and guess what had been posted inside the air con vent, yes you guessed it the toys. We had to bend the vent to get them out, little minx. She looks like butter would not melt in her mouth.
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Isabella said...

They are soo cute at that age, my Gdaughter sprayed the new flatscreen TV with spray on suntan lotion she was cleaning LOL
guess what the word verification on this is rebill ( re bill) lol

Lulu said...

Your dad looks like the perfect kindly grandpa.

Catherine said...

What gorgeous photos!! He sure does look like a great grandpa!! Who would have thought!! Cathyxxxx

dingdang said...

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