Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Water fight !!

Well as you can see below I found my bridport photo's, think picasa might be playing up a little because it could not have possibly been my computer skills that lost the photo's. Well that is my excuse anyway.

Issi fully armed in the water fight, she had a ball. Last year she was not really old enough to take part so she was really into it this year. The kids all hide and attacked the Dad's on return from there Golf game, the thing is the guys were all so hot I think they enjoyed it.
A cute Ruby with Grandma
A bit of Singstar fun on our last night. Issi is the hugest Abba Fan that we are thinking we are going to have to invest in a Playstation. We are just a bit torn between it and a Wii, anyones experiences or options would be good. I am not really in the know when it comes to these things. Last time I looked Gameboys were still hip, I don't think they even make them anymore.LOL

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Isabella said...

more great photo's but sorry I'm no use to you re your daughters singing

The Kings said...

lol - yeah they don't make gameboys anymore which is a pity as Jalen handed his down to Harri, but we can't buy any new games for it :( We have both a playstation and a Wii and I hate to tell you, but we love both - for different reasons!
The Wii is heaps of fun and gets you up and moving - you can jump around like you are actually playing tennis or golf or ten pin bowling etc. We also love Wii fit which tracks your weight, gives you different exercises to do by following the instructor on the screen and doing it using the balance board etc and then gives you scores - its lots of fun. There are other games which are fun too - like Mario Kart, Mario at the olympic games etc.
But then we also love our playstation where we have lots of singstar games as well as Buzz games which are quiz game where you have buzzers to buzz in and there are young versions for the kids to do. We also have Guitar Hero for the playstation which is heaps of fun, but you can also buy it for the Wii (little bit more expensive for the Wii). It just really depends on what you want and will use the most.
I know that doesn't help at all, but probably makes it more confusing. The girls would probably get more out of the playstation with the ages they are, but the Wii is easy enough to use once you are used to it - Harri is 4 and is used to the controllers etc now, but needs a lot of talking through things with it and lucky for us Jalen helps him as I wouldn't have the patience to help him play all the time.

Lulu said...

I love the first photo. Gorgeous.

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