Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Pic's

Well we returned from our holiday at the beach yesterday and as I was trying to load my photo's of our holiday and of Australia day I some how wiped my media card. I am so upset, had some of the cutest shots from Bridport and the funniest Australia Day water slide shots. Oh Well.

As I said above we had the best time in bridport, we did lots of swimming and playing at the beach. Some nice beach walks, and even a bike ride in 35 dregree heat. It was hot, very hot. Ruby had absolutley no fear of the ocean or waves, she couldn't get enough. She was also very keen on diggging holes in the sand or messing up the bigger kids sand castles, much to there disgust.

This morning we had a huge hit of back to life as we found both our cars with flat batteries. Nathan had somehow left his boot not shut properly before we went away and then yesterday when we got home and Nathan washed the other car he had bumped the fog lights on and it also had a flat battery. You would not read about, but you are.

This week is getting back into the swing of things for us. Nathan goes back to school tomorrow for two days, he will then spend the rest of the week setting up his class room. I enjoy the holidays but I also enjoy feeling like we are getting some routine back. Can't believe Issi starts Prep next week.


Isabella said...

Soo sorry you lost your photo's but glad you had a great time.

The Kings said...

What a bummer about your pics. Where does Nathan work at?? I'm looking forward to next week now - getting back into routine - the house will be clean again ! :)

The Kings said...

Youngtown was the first school I taught at! I loved it there. It's a nice little school. Hopefully he will get paid for the extra days then! :)
Yeah - St Helen's was great. The East Coast is so beautiful - makes you realise how lucky we are to live in Tassie.

The Parsons Family said...

arrrg that does suck about your pics. That happened to me in Mexico once but Hattie was fiddling with the camera and deleted them all! Going a bit mental here with no running as I have done something to my knee!!!