Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get back into the swing of things !!!

Well this week we have had an easing back into a bit of a routine. Nathan had to work tuesday, wednesday so the girls where with my Mum and Nates mum today. I worked and then after work popped out to Nate's nans to give her a haircut. We had the yummiest lamb cutlets on the bbq for tea and that was about exciting as my day got. Well actually no, Nate took the girls to his Mum's this morning so I went to the gym and did cardio. Had a shower and blow dryed my hair at the gym, it was very novel to be doing this with out someone in my ear (Issi) or someone trying to unpack the bathroom cupboards (Ruby). May have to try and get there a bit more often of a morning now I don't start until 9:30am.

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