Friday, March 14, 2008

Another busy week down. Can't see that next week is going to be much better. I am taking Nathan to Hobart on wednesday to have surgery, I am now also taking the girls. Staying with one of my girlfriends sisters, Issi is looking forward to this as they have a boy a couple of years older than her who she has played with on a few different occassions.
Life is still seeming a little out of balance for us at the moment, to much going on.


Narelle said...

Our life seems all upside down too and I keep making the comment "after xyz it will settle down". Then xyz happens and it doesn't settle down and it just keeps going. So I've kinda come to the conclusion that perhaps life as I know it won't settle down. Unless I actively choose to cut some stuff out. And seriously I wouldn't know where to start on that one! Yeah anyways, try to find the balance in the busy-ness. xx

Catherine said...

I think the trick is to only stress the big stuff and not worry about the incidental stuff that gets you down along the way. Work out what you want and whats really important and forget the rest!!