Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Weather for Ducks !!!

Well it has now been raining on and off for the last couple of days. This is causing a little bit of stress in our household as we are having Ruby dedicated tomorrow at the Fairy Dell in the Gorge, I have this morning been wondering if we should relocate to home ? Will make a decision later in the day, then will need to contact everyone.
Have had a pretty relaxing end of the week, went to Uni on Thursday for my Tute. Friday morning I went to RPM and then had our baby group. It is my group form anti natal class when we were pregnant, the girls are all turning 5 this year and I think we have done a great job to stay in contact for this long.
Nathan did a fab job of making Ruby's dedication Cake yesterday, it is his trusted mud cake. Hope to have a piece this time. Everytime he has made it for school I have missed out, my choice a lot of the time.
I am at work this morning until 1:00pm then heading home to finish off any last minute prep for the dedication.
Pray for fine sky's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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