Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home From Colour !!!

Well we have had a very busy week. I went to Colour Conference in Sydney last wednesday and returned on Sunday morning. It was awesome to see 16,000 women all so passionate about "GOD". I came back feeling very inspired and eager to gain more knowledge.
On the down side the girls are very tied and Issi is very emotional at the moment. I think being at school two days last week and childcare really tied her out. I am really looking forward to Friday to have them both at home with me. We are having Mum's Lifegroup at our house this week so ate least I don't have to take them out. This life Group is really getting a bit scary at the moment with the amount of baby's being born, I think we are nearly growing out of peoples homes.
We had the beginning of "Growing Kids Gods Way" last night. It was a really good night, I am excited for what we will get out of it but also for the friendships we will form.
My neice is coming to stay tonight so am looking forward to a stitching night, she used to come and stay one night a week before Christmas and it was really good.

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Narelle said...

I'm excited about Growing Kids too. Loved it last night.

Yes I think we are growing out of homes :o just have to roster everyone to come so we don't all come at once!