Monday, January 19, 2009

His home !!!!!!

Well Nathan arrived home safe and well last night after his week in Melbourne. We had a lovely day today. The girls went to care so we could have sometime together. We went for a walk this morning then to "Fresh" for lunch. We decided to take a walk though town and ended up at the Movies. We saw Bridewars which was such a chick flick and a bit lame, light relief but.
We then went and picked the girls up from care and headed over to Nathan's parents place for a bbq with some of Nathan's dads cousins that were over from the mainland. The girls had a lovely night and we headed home about 9:00pm.
I am now about to head off to bed, feel pretty tied as I don't really think I slept very sound for the past week. XX


Isabella said...

I'm soo Pleased you had a good day with just Hubby special times are good :-)

Kathy said...

Hey, you did it, you survived the week!! So pleased that you and DH had a great day together, it must be great to have him home again.

I saw Bridewars on friday with some friends, its the 'chickiest' chick flick I'd seen in a long time, had its funny moments though - I usually CF's like the plague lol.
K xx

Kathy said...

That should say, "I usually AVOID CF's like the plague".
K xx

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