Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ruby's Dedication Pic's finally !

Nathan, Ruby and John. John is one of Nathan's oldest and dearest mates, they went to kinder together.
He was the bestman in our wedding and he is also Ruby's God father along my my sister Cathy (aka The Highland Quilter)
and Andrew ( aka The Highland Drumer).

The family with Nathan's Mum and Dad, Nate is an only child so this is it for his family.
Ruby and her Poppies, I love this photo and I hope that Ruby will cherish it as she gets older.
My Pop Hardwick was one of the most dearest people in my life and I have so many found memories of him.
He had a huge input into my life also as Mum and Dad separated when I was 10.

My Beautiful girls, Sisters. I remember feeling quite funny when we found out we were having another girl
but to see the bond these little girls have already is just beautiful. I am also extremley blessed to have a
beautiful sister.

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Catherine said...

Having a sister is a blessing!!! Love you Little Sister, Cathyxx