Sunday, May 4, 2008

Got my Laptop Back !!!

Our Vegies from the garden !! Nate very proud of them, as he should be.
Well I have been a little MIA lately as my laptop was at the computer doctor. I can always get on the computer downstairs but it is cold down there and not as easy to load photo's.

We have been pretty busy also the last couple of weeks. Another Anzac day has been and gone, I always find this quite a hard day. Missed feelings I think, memories of fun times and then hurt of it all coming to such a sudden end with no real support networks on discharge. For those of you I have only just meet I spent 6 years in the Navy, discharging in 2002.

On Anzac day evening Nathan and I also drove to Hobart to celebrate our friend Alex's surprise 3oth. We had a fun night, went to the Ball and Chain for dinner and then sat up until 3 in the morning talking. Some pic's of the boys above.


Marnie said...

Hi Fiona- thanks for your comment on my blog- ill be sure to add you when I go private in a few days! Cute pics of your girls, looks likie you have been busy lately (me too, havent had any time to sew :-( ...until today, I am making some aprons for mothers day gifts, Ill put pics of them on my blog when I am finished, hopefully today!)

Catherine said...

You must be proud of him!! A real gardener! Where's the corn? Cathyxx

Catherine said...

Speaking of pulling your finger out, wheres your stitching?? How many to do? I have 29 left!! Cathyxx

make it perfect said...

Thanks heaps for your hair comment! Just a quick question for you...what about if I wanted to go darker rather than lighter - do you think I could do it at home or still leave it to the pros?!!