Monday, May 12, 2008

Tagged !!

I was tagged awhile ago by Allison so as I have done this once before I thought I would do 6 funny, silly things about my Darling Issi :

1. She hates Tags on her knickers and makes me cut them off.

2. When you cook her toast she gets very upset if it goes brown, has not quite got the drift off cooking it.

3. She is often found comforting Ruby say" It's ok Ruba, sissy is here" very cute and two seconds later giving her a push.

4. She thought her school last year was called Scotch Oaken Burn instead of Scotch Oakburn, it sounded so cute.

5. She has had trouble saying her C' so my sister has been ; Aunty Taffy in the Titchen.

6. She loves sleeping with a pile of books, I am sure a teddy would be much more comfy.

All in all we love her very much and she brightens up our day with her quirky little self xxxx We love you Issi Bissi xxxx

1 comment:

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