Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Weekend !

Well I worked on saturday this weekend and then we headed to Hobart for the night. We stayed at the Quest Trinity for the night which was really good and in a great location for the Mothers Day Classic the next day. We took the girls to North Hobart for dinner and they both behave themselves, apart from the fact that Ruby thought it was a great joke to throw every chip we gave her on the floor in the resturant. We went to the supermarket on the way home and bought Crunchie icecreams for desert, had the girls home in bed by 6:30pm.
They shared a room so thought that was lots of fun, giggles and chatting went on for a little while, Issi crashed out before Ruby.
On Sunday morning I was up and ready to go by 6:30am a bit nervous and also excited. I had not ran in a race since having Issi.
I got up to the track at about 7:30am, it was still pretty cold then and foggy. My run was not until 9:00am so had a bit of waiting aropund to do.
Well I completed my 4km in 22:19mins, I know this is not an Olympic time but as I said this is my first race. It was also a very hilly course. I was happy with that. It felt alot harder than the 4kms I have been doing in training and I think nerves had somthing to do with that. I will post my pic's soon.

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