Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No more mucking around !!

Well tonight I have made a promise to myself that I have to finish the job I started. Last April after Ruby was born I went back to Weight watchers with the resolve to loss all my baby weight this time and not settle until I had.
Well I feel like I have settled a little the last couple of months and I really have 10kgs to go, I know I have lost 18kgs but don't want to just settle for that.
I put on alot of weight with both my girls, 38kgs with Issi and about 24kgs with Ruby. Was much more focused with Ruby and walked to work nearly everyday. I think some people just put it on. Until I had the girls I had never been over weight so it is something that does get me down a little. I think mainly because I love my exercise and it is affected by the fact that I am still 10kg over weight. I know my running would be much more enjoyable and it would be better on my joints.
Our next race is on July 20th being the Launceston ten. Flat run so am hoping for a good first 10km time. Tiff and I are running together twice a week and I am going to run by myself one other time. So here is to me and my last 10kms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RubyOwl said...

Wow, what a great looking family. Your daughter Issi really looks like your husband where as Ruby seems to be more like you. Have you heard that before? This is just what I gather from the pictures. Also you do NOT look like you need to lose 10kg no way! I know the feeling though of wanting to look like we did before children. I am 8kg heavier then when I got married but, am slowly accepting that, well not really I think I may start to run too. Also the view is gorgeous where you did the run, what part of Tasmania is that? I would love to visit Tasmania I hear parts of it look like Canada, where I am from. Cheers,

jo said...

I agree with the comment above,going by your picture you dont look like you need to lose 10kg.I put on weight after my three girls, I dont know to many people who haven't done that after having children.Good on you for getting back into your fitness,if it makes you feel better thats great.Haven't finished your PIF gift yet, hope to get that done soon.Take care.

make it perfect said...

Good on you Fiona! I think you look great too...I couldn't run to my letterbox, let alone in an organised race!! :)
Haven't done anything about my hair yet...still can't make up my mind...

Catherine said...

You go girlfriend!!!! You can do it!!!

Cathy said...

I know exactly how you feel. Good luck with the weightloss. I go to WW and have lost 12kg - I want to lose another 5kg and I think I might be happy.