Saturday, January 10, 2009

A pleasant saturday !!

We had a very pleasant saturday today. It started this morning when I went to the Gorge to meet up with one of my old friends Sar and Chelsea, Dave and family.The girls had a lovely time looking for peacock feathers. Dave did a great job of finding three feathers which kept the girls happy. Issi took some very impressive photo's of the peacock, below is one.

We them meet up with Nathan and decided to take the girls for a swim. I had not been in the water with Ruby since last summer and she had a lovely time until her lips went blue.

After the pool we headed to the Seaport Fish & Chips for dinner. I had the most divine fish and asian salad. The girls played beautifully. By the time we walked back to Stillwater where we had parked the car the girls where pretty tied and so were we for that matter.
Nathan is presently packing to go to Melbourne tomorrow for the Aikido Summer School, I am not really looking forward to him being away as I am not a huge fan of being home along at night. This is something I am going to beat this year. !!!!!!!!!! I normally end up lugging the girls up to sleep at my sisters.

On a very happy note I lost 2.1 kg at my weigh in the this morning. I know this is a very good loss and it will probably not be this big in weeks to come but this was my first week back on track for about a month I reckon. I had a little to much Christmas cheer.

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Isabella said...

Good for you Fiona, hard keeping on track at the hollidays, You will be fine at home with the girls to look after you Lol loved the great pics

Catherine said...

Oh my Rube's, where did you get that hat!!
Very school-teacherish...I might have to borrow!! Cute swimming photos! Auntie Cathyxx

The Kings said...

So funny to hear you talking about Chels and Dave and the girls! Oh boy I have to get back on track with you and lose some weight! I got glandular fever and had to put my gym membership on hold for a few months and boy does my body know it! Not a good time to put a gym membership on hold over Christmas! Once school goes back I'll be back into it and hopefully will lose at least 5kg.
Hope you go okay while your hubby is away.