Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Day at the Beach !!!!!!!!

Today we decided to take a trip to the beach, after such great weather all week today was nice but not as hot as it has been. Which is actually probably just as well or we all would have been fried.
We took Millie, Aunty Cathy's dog so we headed to the dog beach first of all for her to have a bit of a run. Ruby also decided she would have a bit of a dunk at the dog beach in all her clothes.
This is the camera shy Isabella (not) at Old Pier Beach.
What a great looking view, I love bridport !!!!!!
Alex and Issi having a paddle, Issi and Ruby are very lucky to have two older cousins to look after them.
Ruby was pretty keen for a swim here until she felt how cold the water was.
We are off to Bridport for a week on the 27th Jan, I am really looking forward to it we went last year this time of year as well. My first ever blog post was about or trip to Bridport last year so I am coming up to my blog anniversary.
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Isabella said...

Just you leave Isabella alone with a name like Isabella she should be proud after all our Tassie Princess called her baby girl Isabella. LOL looked like you were having fun

The Parsons Family said...

Hey Fee... look at you... I opened up your blog from Lisa Kings! Funny! Great to catch up the other day. I still have a little smile about those overalls. You need to post some old pics!!!!!