Sunday, January 18, 2009

A pleasant Sunday drive !!

Today I decided I would take the girls down to Spreyton to see my brother and his kids. We went to Tasmazia for lunch which was really nice and the kids had fun. Issi was a bit of a miss while we were there. She ordered little hot dogs for lunch the same as Ruby, Ethan and Elize had a pancake. When the pancakes came of course Issi want one of them. Well she ate up her lunch so well and quickly for that matter that I ordered her a pancake, at this stage we decided to move tables as it was getting to hot in the sun. Guess what we found under the edge of the table where Issi was sitting ? Yes you guessed it her hot dogs. She then had to eat them while Christopher teased her with her pancake in front of him. Similiar to what he used to do to me now I think of it. LOL

Ethan is such a beautiful little boy. He wanted to come in the car with me on the way to the lake, we were just driving along and he put his arm in mine and said "I Love you Auntie Fee". Very out of the blue but very cute. He absolutley adores Ruby, they play together while the girls go off.

Issi and Eliza played really well together today.

After lunch we headed down to Lake Barrington where Christophers mates where all skiing. I would have loved to have a ski but it is a bit hard with Ruby. Christopher was in form. Ruby befriended one of Chris's mates and ate all his chips, anyone that feeds Rub's is a friend for life.
Headed back about three, by the time we had a drink stop at ETC and a toilet stop on the side of the road ( not the main road). Got back in time to though Ruby though the shower and head to Church.
Issi had a bit of trouble going to sleep tonight as she is pretty excited about Nathan coming home tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself for staying by myself all week, I feel quite empowered at time the fear I had of staying by myself was quite crippling.
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Fiona said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. Well done on the week on your own but I bet you are glad that he is home?


Isabella said...

Soo glad it all worked out for you you managed the FULL week.
looks like you had a fun day today too now you can look forward to your time away HUGS