Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well his Gone !!!!!

We dropped Nathan at the airport at 8:00am this morning, so off to Melbourne he has gone. I suppose the one good thing he when he returns he will have a bottle of Tiffany & Co perfume for me.
After we dropped him off the girls and decided to visit the Evandale Market, Issi had a pony ride and we got a big bowl of small juicy apricots. We then decided we would go and check out the Esk Market, I am always getting asked at work which one is better. So after visiting both I would have to vote the Evandale Market definatly. It has been a weekend of markets, I popped into the Civic Homespun Market yesterday afternoon. I hope this market takes off and the people of Launceston embrace it, we need more things like this if only they can get off the ground.
On our way home we popped into see Nanny P and then home for lunch..........................

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Isabella said...

Sounds like you have had a good day kept nice and busy thats the way to get through the week