Sunday, January 11, 2009

Compensation !!!

Well I survived my first night !!!! Even though Ruby spent from 12:00am to 2:00am screaming. Little monkey, she is now in bed for her rest already at 10:00am. Pitty I can't join her. It is strange I have always been so scared of staying on my own, to the point where I can really get myself into a state. However I had made a choice that I was going to control my thoughts and not let my mind get carried away hearing noices and the like. Well it worked.
Below is a picture of my dinner last night, this is the compensation for when Nathan is away. You see he is allergic to Prawns so when ever he is not here I can indulge. YUMMO !!!!

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Kathy said...

Way to go girl - you did it! AND you got to eat prawns!! Hope tonight is even better and Ruby lets you both get some sleep. :-) Good on you for being so positive.

Isabella said...

Sorry I agree with Hubby horrid little creatures yuk.:-) HOPE YOU GET MORE SLEEP TONIGHT

Catherine said...

Did you cook that?? You are so brave! The second night is always easier!! Cathy