Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching up - Christmas 2009

Well here goes, I think I might try and do one catch post and one whats happening now post each time I post. So here are our photo's from Christmas 2009, have enjoyed looking at photo's of the girls from over 2 years ago they have gone so much.
We had Nathan's mum and dad for breakfast and my family for lunch and then some close friends for dinner. It was crazy busy !!!

Christmas week cooking with Grandma, Issi had just started suffereing from hayfever so badly and looks so puffy in this photo. Poor little thing.

Ruby in her christmas concert for music at grandma and Pa's Church, she was very cute.Below are some photo's of the girls being cheeky at the bowls club christmas bbq.

Then lunch also at our place, out on the deck.

Not some of the best photo's in the world, but at least we now have a memory of this time.

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