Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roxette and school books !!

Well I am home from a lovely relaxing weekend in Sydney with a girlfriend. The highlight of our trip was the Roxette concert of course !!!! Here is a picture of my yummy lunch on the first day, we did a fair bit of good eating but luckily the amount of walking we did worked some of that food off. I was in love the macroon shop that we found at the Westfield and was glad it was a buge walk away from our hotel or I would of been in big trouble.

Below is some of our handy work from this afternoon. I was very glad to be home from Sydney by 10:45 so as I had the day to get organised for the school week and also to get the books covered. I actually love this job and look forward to it every year.

Well as we begin another week we are almost back in rountine. This is my last week before Uni starts so need it to be a productive one. I have already booked 3 coffee dates so I am not allowed to book anymore.

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KERRY said...

I loved the concert Fiona!! Brought me back to my youth lol
Glad you had a great time in Sydney, I was looking out for you but that Ent. Centre is massive!!
I don't know how or why you like covering school books lol, but they do look great :)
Enjoy your last week before Uni starts xo