Monday, February 13, 2012

Cambodia House Building Project

In early 2010 a group of about 10 girls decided they might like to spend their holiday for the coming year doing something for someone else so a trip to cambodia to do the house building project was birthed. Kristi who was my boss at 41 degrees real estate was one of those 10 girls so we all had the invitation extented to us at work. Court and i decided we would like to go and poor old woodies decided she wouldn't meaning she would hold the fort at home.

We held a few different fundraising events and asked around for sponsorship, we were keen to build 10 house which meant we needed to raise at least $15,000 as the materials were $1500 per house.

One of our events was a Cambodia night, some photo's are below:

The night was a great success and I believe we reached our initial fundraising target in just one event.

Some shots from the project:

 Presenting the house to a family.

 Work in progress

 A bit hot and bothered.

Finally relaxing at the end of a hard days work.

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KERRY said...

That is such a great thing you and your friends did Fiona!! You should be so proud of your efforts. I am positive you have made others less fortunate very happy :)