Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying to recover !!

I am desperately trying to recover from my 4 week summer school for the University Preparation Program. Recovering on many levels pyhsically and mentally while my house also needs recovering. Nathan did a great job to cook tea each night and to also do the grocery shopping but it all just feels a little out of sorts. Here are some cute photo's I have taken of the girls and our new additions.


Cathy said...

TAke some big breathe's your doing great!!! xx

Isabella said...

Far out Fiona the two girls have grown so much not just Isabella,
It's great to see you back, I keep looking at the blogs trying to get my mojo back and I think it may just be working for me too

KERRY said...

Your girls definately have grown Fiona, they are still as gorgeous as ever too!! I bet they love their new kittens, and one each - smart idea :)